Spring 2017 Contest!
Win merchandise & exposure for your game!

We're excited to announce that we are holding a contest for the best recently-released indie game! In cooperation with design/production company Pixel Elixir, we're offering winners unique prize packages which include merchandising opportunities in addition to exposure for their games.

Three lucky winners will receive merchandise packages exclusively designed for their games. The prize packages include custom artwork (in cooperation with the developers), formatting and design for merchandise. All winning developers will receive artists' proofs of the merchandise in addition to a sales channel through Pixel Elixir* along with royalties. In addition, the winning games will be extensively featured on Indie Game Awards. Check out the awesome prizes below:

*Pixel Elixir, THE new way to enjoy your favorite games through printable and wearable media, is opening its doors in spring of 2017. Merchandise will be sold through Pixel Elixir's website, alongside many other licensed properties.

Are you a developer? Tweet us and include #iga2017 in your tweet to enter the contest! Are you a fan of a game? Hit up the developer on Twitter and ask them to enter!

The Indie Game Awards was founded in 2009 to promote, publicize and shed light on awesome independent games that deserve your attention.

Being free from the expectations of large publishers, indie game developers are less restrained in their ability to express their own unique visions. Many times, certain ideas and concepts are explored by talented independent developers way before they ever reach mainstream audiences. Some ideas take off, and some remain simply experiments, but we should all be thankful that we can enjoy these sometimes crazy, often unexpected, and frequently amazing forays into the gaming world.